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Hot dogs and sausages are the perennial MVP of concession stands at Major League ballparks across the country. Fans return each year to enjoy their classic favorites and to try new—often over-the-top, but always delicious—creations. We’ve compiled this guide featuring some of this year’s most unique offerings, along with our classic favorites. Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta […]

THE NUMBER OF SIBLINGS YOU HAVE MAY BE AFFECTING YOUR CAREER According to a new study, the number of siblings you have – and the order in which you were born – could affect your career in later life. Researchers found that middle children are more likely to become the CEO of a company or […]

MOST POPULAR JELLY BEAN FLAVORS Americans eat A LOT of candy on Easter – more than 16 billion jelly beans alone. Everyone has their favorite flavors, but according to research, these are the 10 most popular flavors: 10. Blueberry 9. Toasted marshmallow 8. Green apple 7. Orange 6. Pear 5. Cinnamon 4. Cherry 3. Watermelon 2. […]

THE AMERICAN PICKERS are coming to WV in May and they are looking for locations to visit! 1-855-OLD-RUST (653-7878), or email, AmericanPickers@cineflix.com. Also, please note that Mike and Frank only pick private collections so NO stores, malls, flea markets, museums, auctions, businesses or anything open to the public. #103CIR  #RickandLola

  This video has left a lot of people wondering: “What the cluck?” Did you know that chickens could be this large? Some people are speculating that it’s fake but several news outlets have confirmed that is, in fact, a real chicken. His name is Merakli and he’s a Brahma rooster. This large breed was […]

Do you ever say to yourself, “I would really love to know more about Ed Sheeran”?  Us too.  Keep reading for 10 fun facts you might not have known about the singer. In 2009, he played in more than 300 live shows and gigs while trying to get noticed. When Ed was just 18, he […]

BATMAN HANDS AQUAMAN HIS TRIDENT IN JUSTICE LEAGUE TEASER _ The first teaser for Justice League came out Thursday. A full trailer is expected this weekend. In the teaser, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman takes his trident from Batman! Total Geek Rush!

We are so excited to show off our new website!  Look around and see everything. Bookmark us, because there are going to be many opportunities for you to be a part of what we do every day! Thank you for listening and share us with your friends!   -L.

Our Movie of the Week: opening April 1st To learn our rules and how to enter, click here! PLAN TO JOIN US! Bring the entire Family! Everyone is welcome! Sensory Friendly Film Program April 1st  @ 11 am The Galleria 14 in Beckley and “Down with That” – invite families to enjoy The Boss Baby […]

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